Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Movie Review: Madurai Sambavam

Yesterday i had a chance to see the movie Madurai Sambavam. It is a good movie and the story is also good. Even it is a well known story, screenplay narration makes it more interesting. If a good performing or mass hero selected this story, it would be a blockbuster movie.

I am just a viewer of this cinefield. I don't have much idea about this field. But a big question arise in my mind is why good performing heroes are not selecting this kind of stories. A doubt also arises whether the basic story line is disturbed by the mass heroes due to their image in the market. As a normal fan of Tamil films, my expectation is to view good films with different nice stories. Whether it would be a classic movie or commercial movie, all we are expecting a good story line and its interesting narration.

If time permits, try to watch this movie. I feel Madurai native friends would like it more.

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