Monday, December 21, 2009

College Days…


I found this wonderful lines when i was doing my graduation. After completed my college days i took a print out of this and stick in my room. Whenever i visit my native place i found this print out available in my room. It reminds me about my college days. I like to share those lines with you all. Expect you may also get some glimpse of the wonderful moments from your college days…

Time does not wait for you or me

Days pass and years pass

You lose your loved ones

You move away from your loved ones

You move to different places

Your life changes , your friends change, attitude changes

Society changes !!

But your heart has those

Precious moments etched in it

Whether you want it or not, it is there !

Making you happy at times

Sad at times and making you even more painful at times

Your heart has those moments in that corner where no one can see

What is it, they ask seeing your blank face

And you just smile, saying , “Nothing

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