Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LinkedIn – Build your professional Contacts


Earlier i use to receive invitation mails from with my friends name. I thought it as a junk/spam mail and use to ignore it by moving to Deleted Items in my outlook. I thought that LinkedIn is a kind of social networking site which is used to kill our precious time. So i didn’t get much interest on visiting the website itself.

Later i was informed from one of my colleague about the actual use of LinkedIn site and LinkedIn profile. He said that LinkedIn is much useful in building your professional contacts and you can have connection with your colleagues, x colleagues and also groups associate with your domain. I was informed about this in the first week of Dec 2009. Now i am using LinkedIn for the past one and half months and I would like to share some information about LinkedIn which i found to be useful.

1. You can create and update a online profile for your profession. I hope with in couple of years online usage will be high comparing to now and you may need to have a online profile which exhibits your expertise in you profession.

2. You can keep in touch with your colleagues and also their job profile. You can track the professional information about your friends and colleagues (Ofcourse if they update their profile regularly)

3. With the available groups you can discuss your doubts with others who are working in your domain and also you can answers the posted questions. It would be helpful for us to update our theoretical knowledge.

4. You can recommend the work of your connections and also you might be recommended by your past colleagues who impressed with your performance. It will give added advantage to your profile.

5. LinkedIn online profile can be used as a background check for your previous companies.

There are lot more other integrated applications are available in LinkedIn which will be helpful to extend your professional network. Applications like Twitter client, Blogger client, Wordpress client, presentation, file upload etc are much useful.

I can’t say that i have fully explored the usages of LinkedIn. Still there are lot of pending usages. I am much interested to explore it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

எங்கள் ஊர் திருவிழா…

எங்கள் ஊர் இராமநாதபுரம் மாவட்டத்தில் உள்ள பரமக்குடி. பெருமையா சொல்லிக்கணும்னா திரு. கமல்ஹாசனின் சொந்த ஊர். மதுரையில் கள்ளழகர் வைகை ஆற்றில் இறங்கும் வைபவம் ஆண்டுதோரும் சிறப்பாக நடைபெறுவது அனைவரும் அறிந்ததே. எங்கள் ஊரும் வைகை ஆற்றுப்படுகையில் இருப்பதாலும், வைகை ஆற்றங்கரையில் பெருமாள் கோவில் இருப்பதாலும் அந்த வைபவம் இங்கும் ஆண்டு தோறும் சிறப்பாக நடைபெறும். மதுரையம்பதி நகரம் ஆகி விட்டதால், சில நடைமுறை சிக்கல்களால் அவர்கள் செய்யாமல் விடும் சுவாரிசியமான சில சம்பிரதாயங்களை எங்கள் ஊர் திருவிழாவில் காண முடியும். அதில் முக்கியமானது, பெருமாள் கோவிலை விட்டு வெளியேரும் காட்சி. அதை சொற்களால் வர்ணிக்க இயலாது. அதனால் அந்த video-வை உங்களுடன் பகிர்ந்துள்ளேன். கண்டு மகிழுங்கள்… ஆடி வரார், ஓடி வரார், அழகழகாய் நடந்து வரார்…

Chennai 33rd book fair

Chennai’s 33rd book fair started on December 30th,2009. I went with my friends on Dec 31st evening. Even it is 33rd one, it is first time for me to see such a huge book fair. There are about 600 book stalls comprises more than one crore books. All books in one place.

I have not planned the list of books that are need to buy. Instead of that i roamed all the famous publications stalls there. I checked out for some thriller and fiction novels, books related to history, personality development books and lot more. Since i took much time in roaming all the stalls i could not spend sufficient time in checking good books. So i have planned to go this weekend.

Regarding the facilities, there is a wide area for parking our two wheelers and cars. For entertainment, they are arranging for entertaining events in the evening. There is a book fair office where you can get the details about the shop numbers of the famous Book sellers and publications. Coffee, tea and soups are available in separate stalls. More over there is a huge cafeteria arranged by them have stalls from Krishna sweets and some other famous restaurants.

I found lot of readers come there with their family. It may help to get your family some interest on reading books. It is a good place to have a visit. Parents can encourage the reading habit of their kids by bringing them to book fair and assist them to buy good books.

Have a visit to Chennai 33rd book fair

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nice Short films

Today my friend referred this short movie in his blog. It was directed and acted by his friends. As said by him they have spent Rs.12000 to complete this movie. The movie is based on a simple theme. But it is directed very nicely and simply great. I would like to share this movie with you all.

Please give your comments in You tube which may reach the producers of this movie.

Avatar – Different Experience

I was eagerly waiting to watch the movie Avatar in 3D. Due to continuous holidays like Christmas and New year, I could not get a single ticket for Avatar 3D movie show in Chennai theatres. Fortunately i got a ticket from my friend and went to the movie yesterday. It is really worth to spend Rs.145 (Rs.120 + Rs.20 3D Glasses) to watch such a wonderful movie. Hats off to the avatar team who worked hard to bring out a best movie with unimaginable Graphics and Animations.

Instead of mentioning it as a movie, we can say it as a Journey to Pandora Planet. Yes every one will think like that when watching the movie for the first time. While watching the movie, I cant believe my eyes and pinched myself to make sure it is real. 3D Animation experience is really awesome. Especially the scenes like Jack’s first visit to the forest and the chasing. New type of Helicopters, Computer systems, Floating mountains, Army Rangers, their military weapons etc.., everything is astonishing. It is incomparable that how their brain have come up with such innovative ideas.

They have also mentioned the importance of Trees and forest (Go Green). Strongly supporting the fact of human being can’t exist with out nature. In Avatar, human being from earth plays the role of villain. With the realistic animations, movie director succeeded in making us to feel like one of the them, the Navi – Humanoid in Pandora. And at last stage of the movie we were watching with the thinking of opposing our own race (human being) to save Pandora and Navi (Here i mentioned we, since i believe that all the fans have experienced the same way).

In our school days we did not like to miss the things like exhibition, circus in our town. We might feel odd if we missed any one of them and make ourselves ready for the next year chance. This movie is like that only, We need to watch in 3D. If we miss it, don't worry James Cameron is already planning for the sequel of Avatar. So we will have one more chance.

I got a doubt from this movie. Doubts usually arises like a spark. Of course, this doubt also aroused from a spark. As per the movie, Human from earth can’t breathe in Pandora due to unavailability of oxygen. In Jack’s first visit to Pandora, he missed his way in the forest and light fire using his match stick. If Oxygen doesn’t exist, is it possible for the fire to glow with out oxygen ? If any of you know about this in detail, please share your answers.