Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to start a blog (Post 1)


Today i discussed with my friends about creating blogs and sharing our ideas, thoughts and information. Some of my friends who are new to blogging requested me to write about how to create a blog and posting. That time a big question mark aroused in front of me asking that “Are you a constant blogger ?”. Answer to this question is a big “NO”. I am not a blogger who is constantly updating posts in their blogs. But i am maintaining a blog by posting occasionally. I am also constantly adding new links, using new add-on in my blogs. Finally, i came to a conclusion that i got meager experience in creating blogs. So started this post on how to create a blog.

First step on creating blogs is either you need a Google or Word press ID. My suggestions is to go for Google Login ID. Google is making blogging more easier by providing featured add-ons. is the blogger tool provided by Google. Here you can create any number of blogs using a single Google ID.

After creating a blog, we would like to give a different look to our blog for inspiring readers. Newly created blog is like an empty house. You need to make your house in to a home where you feel comfortable. For decorating your (designing) blog, you don't need to make much actions. You can get already designed blogger templates from the following sites

There are thousands of websites providing blogger templates. You can also Google it to get more. Downloaded blogger template is an xml file. You need to upload that xml file in . It can be uploaded in the “Setting->Layout” link of your blog list.

I will continue part 2 of this post for giving information about useful add-ons and gadgets to make your blog more appealing.


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    Thank you, I will try to add more posts on this topic