Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Expense Organizer v1.0

Usually in weekends i use to browse Chennai or watch new released films in the city. Last weekend i would like to spend my time more useful instead of making it simply entertaining. In thinking of making useful weekend, the first idea strike in my mind is about maintaining daily expenses and make proper savings from them. If you can track your expenses, then you can avoid unimportant expenses from your monthly salary. If you can avoid unimportant expenses, you can make it to a useful savings for that month. So i thought of creating a small excel tool to track our daily expenses. Partially i have succeeded in creating a standard initial version for that excel with in that day. I have named it as Expense Organizer v1.0.

The idea of creating this tool has not come with in a day. Actually i was using this type of tool named “Kharchapani.xls” for the past four years. I have faced some disadvantages in that tool and could not track my unwanted expenses from that tool. So i tried to avoid those disadvantages in my tool and wanted to give a new and improved look to my tool (Expense Organizer v1.0.xls). I would like to share my tool with you and get your comments. I welcome all your comments to improve this tool.

To download Expense_Organizer_v_1_0

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